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At Mabul Services, we know how much a catastrophic event can impact your life. It’s bad enough that you have to face the event itself, let alone the process of picking up the pieces to return to normal. That is where we can help you the most. Mabul Services should be your choice when it comes to mitigation and contents mitigation. Let us do your dirty work!

Mabul Mitigation

Mabul Mitigation can provide services for fire, smoke, water, sewer, and mold for both residential and commercial properties. Once a disaster occurs, the first priority is to contain the damage to keep the situation from spreading or becoming worse. For example, a burst pipe would need to have the water supply closed to prevent further flooding as soon as possible. The key to these events is a quick response followed by an accurate assessment to determine the best way to contain the situation and provide the most efficient way to mitigate the damage.
Mabul’s mitigation technicians have the proper training, modern technology and tools as well as years of combined experience to provide the best plan of action while minimizing further damage that will facilitate a smoother restoration transition when you are ready to begin reconstruction. Most insurance policies place the burden on the policy holder to prevent further loss to the damaged property or the claim may be denied. Therefore, it is extremely important to act quickly to contain and mitigate the damage and that is where Mabul Services can help.
Content Restoration Services

The Devastating Event

When you suffer a large property loss it is a devastating event. It creates a great deal of trauma and confusion during the initial stages of recovery. Few people have been through a property loss before and the task of getting back to normal can often seem overwhelming. The very beginning of the loss is the most important time to gain control of the situation and set the course for recovery. This requires experience in the unique business of personal property loss. Content Restoration Services provides unparalleled expertise at guiding you through this troubled time.

Damage Control

When your personal articles are impacted, successful recovery begins with good decision making at the outset. Our job is to understand your perspective of the contents as well as their sentimental value while also determining what can be restored and what items must be disposed of properly. Throughout the process, we promise to handle your belongings with the utmost care. While we offer on-site cleaning and deodorizing, sometimes the severity of the loss on-site requires your belongings to be removed to prevent further damage or contamination. In this case, we will inventory and pack each item safely and move them via clean moving vans to our secure, heated warehouse. Once back at our warehouse, our cleaning restoration technicians will thoroughly clean and store your items until you are ready for us to return them.

Our Process

We follow a strict process to ensure efficiency.

  1. Evaluate the loss and determine the scope of work.
  2. Mobilize a skilled pack-out crew equipped with tablets running our state-of-the-art, custom-built software ensuring that all contents will be moved in an efficient, trackable manner.
  3. Carefully and securely pack-out the contents as necessary to allow the disaster restoration contractor access to repair the structure.
  4. Clean and repair/refinish contents where it is safe and economically feasible to do so.
  5. Pack and store the contents for long term storage in our heated and secure warehouse while the reconstruction and renovation is finished.
  6. Deliver your contents and belongings back when the structure has been repaired.

Fire Damage Mitigation


To maximize effectiveness, the fire damage mitigation process must begin as soon as possible after the fire is extinguished. Placing ourselves in our client’s shoes, we recognize the trauma and emotional upset that occupants suffer. We work quickly and considerably to mitigate and restore salvageable damaged property, including household items, fixtures, metals, and other contents.


Our team of certified professionals works efficiently to determine the full extent of the fire damage. We analyze the property affected by the fire, and determine the impact of smoke, heat, and residues from fire and smoke. We make sure to keep our clients informed, restoring hope by explaining what items can be restored and how.


Our treatment consists of smoke and odor removal, complete cleaning and sanitation, professional deodorization, and air vent and duct cleaning. Throughout the mitigation process, we make sure to handle all items respectfully, as if it were our own. We take extra care and necessary steps to protect the floor and personal belongings.

Water Damage Mitigation


When water is on the move, we need to be moving faster. When it comes to restoring items that have experienced water damage, timing is critical. The longer the item is exposed to water, the worse the item’s condition and integrity gets. We are waiting to answer the call and jump into action.


Our experienced professionals at Content Restoration Services utilize an exemplary lineup of sensors, including moisture detectors and hydrometers to identify the full extent of the moisture damage, both obvious and unseen. We make sure to keep our clients informed on what is happening, what to expect, and things they could do to make the process run smoothly.


We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to dry, dehumidify, deodorize, and disinfect a home or business with little to no disruption so our clients can get back to their normal lives. We respect all of the home’s contents, from furniture and appliances to a child’s sentimental piece of artwork.

Trauma and Biohazard Services

That last thing anyone ever wants to do is experience a traumatic situation involving a severe accident or even death. It’s these difficult and unexpected moments where friends and family come together for comfort. There are many things to prepare for and decisions that will need to be made but one decision should not be how to clean up the accident site or crime scene. These conditions are dangerous and difficult to clean without the proper tools and training. Simply contact Mabul Services and let our highly trained and caring professionals return your home or site to a safe and livable condition. We specialize in crime scene, biohazard, death or blood spill cleanup and are trained to safely remove contaminates and sanitize all areas involved.

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